Fifth Population and Housing census 2010 Aruba

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Development is about improving the lives of people. Policy and fiscal decisions should rely on data that answer questions regarding who these people are, where and how they live, and how their lives are changing. The demographic and related data that answer these questions are essential to policymakers and development planners across nearly every sector of our society. The fundamental purpose of the population and housing census is to provide actual, accurate, complete and timely facts for planning and policy-making purposes. The census is unique because it is the only source of detailed socio-economic and demographic data at small geographic areas including neighborhoods and communities.

The Central Bureau of Statistics Aruba is proud to present the results of the Fifth Population and Housing Census. The census was financed by the Fondo Desaroyo Aruba (FDA) and coordinated and analyzed by the Central Bureau of Statistics. A host of persons contributed in various ways to the successful outcome of this major undertaking. A special thank you goes to all participating households who had given their full support to the Census 2010. The enumerators and supervisors who labored to collect the information that is presented in this publication, the many governmental departments, ministries and NGO's who contributed to the Census 2010, are gratefully acknowledged.

The core team consisted of Mrs. M. Plaza-Maduro, BSc., appointed as census commissioner, Mrs. M.J. van der Biezen-Marques, BSc., census counterpart and dr. F.C.H. Eelens, who acted as senior census advisor, provided by the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI).

The core team was assisted by the census team, consisting of the following persons: Mrs. D.I. Helder, Ph.D, Mrs. Drs. M.R. Vigelandzoon, Mrs. Drs. K.J. Peterson-Kock, Mr. R.E. Werleman, Mr. M.T. Giel, Mrs. Y.C.J. Figaroa-Kelly, Mr. H. de Cuba, Mr. R.J.C. van der Biezen, Mr. J.F.M. Esser, M.Sc., Mrs. Drs. G.J. Arendsz, Mr. R. Derix, Ph.D, Mrs. Drs. S. Geerman and Mrs. Drs. Y. Pourrier.

The census team was for a prolonged period extended with other personnel of the CBS, involved in training sessions, logistics, fieldwork guidance and control, editing and coding. We thank them all for their commitment. The fifth population and housing census can be considered as a successful undertaking.

This publication presents a selection of the results of the 2010 Population and Housing Census. We are confident that information on the size, distribution and characteristics of our population will serve for developing sound policies and programs aimed at fostering the welfare of Aruba and its inhabitants. Further in-depth analyses about social-economic and demographic issues will be published shortly, highlighting emerging trends and future challenges. We hope that they will play an indispensable catalytic role in fruitful policy debates, optimize planning processes and consolidate the foundation of our country.

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