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Demographic Bulletin 2013

The Demographic Bulletin 2013 contains the latest population figures and vital statistics

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 Tourist profile 2012

Tourism has become one of the major economic sources of the island, therefore, the use of up-to-date, reliable and comprehensive data is imperative for a successful operation in both the public and private sector. In order to improve the product Aruba and implement new marketing strategies, it is important for the policy makers to determine the characteristics of the visitors; why and how they choose Aruba as their destination, who they are, where they come from, how much they spend during their stay and how satisfied they are with the product Aruba.

For that reason the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) organizes Tourist Surveys every third Saturday of the month and for a duration of one week under the departing stayover visitors since 1996

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ICT in Aruba

Currently the question is rather ‘who does not have a computer or laptop in the home’ or ‘who does not own a mobile phone’, than ‘who owns one’. The same applies to the question ‘who does not have internet connection in the home’. In the last decade, developments in the world of computer technology and telecommunication have taken enormous strides which makes it almost unthinkable that there are still households that do not own a computer or a mobile phone. In this paper, the data obtained will be presented and the presence of computers, mobile phones, and internet connections will be discussed in relation to relevant variables such as, the average age of household members, the average number of household members, the geographical location of households, type of household and household income. In addition, special attention will be dedicated to the school attending population with or without computers, mobile phones and/or internet connections at home.

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Profile of Aruba's Children

This report provides information on different aspects of children’s lives, such as the composition of their household, their household environment, school attendance, after school care, economic circumstances and health status. Statistics on children provide valuable information on the social and economic circumstances of our children. Information is derived from the 2010 Census and is compared, where possible, to previous Censuses.


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Traffic between school, work and home in Aruba

In this paper we will provide information about the geographical background of daily travel between home, school, and work and the use of different modes of transport. This information is valuable to understand the origin of traffic jams and in order to be able to relate road traffic load to the location of schools, homes and work, or, to characterize regions by type of school attendance and job sites. Also, we describe the characterization of car ownership by the more vulnerable groups in Aruba and in view of their dependency on own private transportation and their accessibility to the network of public transport.

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Statistical yearbook  (2012)

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) is the institution officially assigned with the collection, processing and publication of statistics to be used by policymakers, in practice and for research in different areas. It is a government department that resorts under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

Objective statistical information is vital to an open and democratic society. It provides a solid foundation for informed decision-making by elected representatives, businesses, unions and non-profit organizations, as well as the general individual Aruban population. It’s also recognized as an inexhaustible source for scientific research.

This is a yearly publication that provides figures on: population, health, construction and utilities, politics, education, labor, business, tourism, traffic, transport and communication, foreign trade, money and banking, macro economic aspects, public finance, prices, social affairs, justice and climate.

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Online retrieval of census 2010 data (redatam)

Available now! CBS web-application for making your own tables and crosstables in data of the census 2010 project of Aruba. Pretty soon we will organize a workshop in which you could get training in how to get your data out of the application. Results are in the meantime already downloadable to excel and pdf format. So, for instance, you want to know how many households have 1 bathroom? Just click and you will know within seconds.

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Aruba Digital Map

The Aruba Digital Map shows a wealth of statistical information in a graphical way. This helps to gain insight in the trends and data offered by CBS. It also gives the possibility to disect information by location.

You can download a cut down version of the map

Note that these versions only show a subset of the data available.

If you are interested in purchasing a full version of the digital map on CD, please contact us

Also the newest version of the codes are available:  

Geografische Adressen Classificatie, 2012
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